Girl HairstyleIf someone says you are using wrong hair salon supply and don't look good with your new hairstyle, how would you react? You may be speechless but the bodily gestures you have may convey a precise message that you are regretful to have cut your bristle with an amateur stylist or disappointed for not having been appreciated for the kind of look that you have preferred. Well, it is normal to respond that way, but as much as possible, it is healthy not to put yourself on that situation. How? The keyword is to avoid going through salon treatments or procedures which outcome is uncertain; rather, what you need to start from now on is following these hairstyling tricks to make your wish for attractive look real:

Dare Going Blonde or Red

Now is probably the right time for you to try going blonde or red especially if your skin tone could match or compliment such hair color. Having so could give you a look like that of Jennifer Lopez or any other celebrities that you idolize, but other than the given color options, you can also consider black and brunette depending on whichever fits your preference or found out best by the stylist. Keep in mind yet that the season could likewise affect your choice of salon beauty supply or die color as the blonde, for instance, is noted ideal for summer.

Get the Right Bangs 

Isn't it nice hearing from a friend that you look younger than your age? That is but an encouraging impression that could boost your confidence, and such could be achieved if you get the right bangs. This hairstyle, though under appreciated by some, can be the best means to break your boring or conventional appeal; it could rather give you the hot aura that might please even the strangers. It is the outcome to look forward if you opt for the thick/blunt bangs and side-swept bangs, not the thin and wispy ones as that would make your face look boxy. Also, try pairing it with long and wavy layers plus beautiful highlights and you would surely experience an awesome transformation. 

Have Runway Hair with Velcro Rollers 

Why not? This could be the ultimate way to serve your aesthetic desire. But having so would require longer hair; and remember that rollers do not work best for fine and straight bristle. Anyhow, your stylist knows well that the simple means of getting your hair rolled is spritzing it with a holding or styling spray and then have it curled with applicable iron. Meanwhile, the Velcro here can roll much easier especially if you use a medium curling iron; so if you have none of this yet, it's time to purchase cheap hair salon equipment. 

Shampoo your Hair on Daily Basis 

Right shampoo plus proper use of salon and spa supplies is one effective way to keep your hair free from damage. And doing such on daily basis is the apt schedule if you have oily hair; be careful, though, to use moderately certain salon equipment such as blow dryers and irons as they can damage the bristle. For this reason, it is wise that you know first the contents (chemicals used) of a particular shampoo and the instructions for proper usage of salon supplies before trying one. 

Do not get tricked by the conventional hair styling habits as you could be deluded by the widespread misconceptions or damaging practices; what you have to do instead is developing safer ways to care for your bristle and get that look that you have been wishing for. 
Liz Ellsworth
5/28/2014 07:23:18 am

Can I just say that I love, love, love that pompadour-braid? I wish I could pull that off! But I've tried going red before, but it really didn't work with my pinkish, warm skin tone. :/ I love red hair, so it's a shame.

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